A Conversation about Racial Reconciliation

In the first episode of our second season of FUEL, the official FSW podcast, we interview Dr. Peace Amadi; author, professor, speaker, and coach. Daughter to Nigerian immigrant parents, Dr. Peace knows firsthand the struggles of being a black person in America. In light of events across the nation over the past year, racial reconciliation as well as unity and diversity are topics we want to faithfully discuss within a gospel context as Christ followers. In this episode Dr. Peace helps us understand the difference between personal racism and systemic racism, challenges us to consider what it means to be truly reconciled to each other,  as well as give us practical steps to take in our desire to support our brothers and sisters of color in Christ. 

Dr. Amadi is the founder of Influencing Well, a wellness company which prioritizes inner healing for ministry leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers. Inspired by her own personal journey, Dr. Peace recently authored, Why Do I Feel Like This?, which focuses on mental and emotional health and it’s convergence with faith. To hear more from Dr. Peace Amadi check out http://peaceamadi.com/influencingwell/ and learn about her latest book at https://www.ivpress.com/why-do-i-feel-like-this.